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  • Miharu Takizakura

    Miharu Takizakura

    Miharu Takizakura is an ancient weeping higan cherry tree estimated to be over 1,000 years old. Designated as a National Natural Monument, it is one of the three giant cherry trees of Japan. The name “Takizakura” (meaning "waterfall cherry tree") comes from the way its light pink blossoms bloom like a cascading waterfall in the spring.

    Miharu Takizakura

  • Tsurugajo Castle

    Tsurugajo Castle

    Built nearly 600 years ago, the castle and surrounding town still retains much It's atmosphere of the time. The castle draws crowds of visitors year-round, and the surrounding area boasts many fascinating cultural sites. Tsurugajo Kaikan, located at the entrance to the castle, is the largest visitors center in the area, and includes gift shops, restaurants, and a traditional crafts workshop. One of the best times of the year to come is in the spring, when the sakura cherry trees are in bloom and castle is illuminated at night.

    Tsurugajo Castle

  • Takashiba Deko - Yashiki


    "Deko" is the local pronunciation of Leave a space "deku – meaning wooden doll". Takashiba Deko - Yashiki is a small community of doll makers who continue to handcraft Miharu paper-mache dolls, such as Daruma dolls and characters from Japanese folklore, in the traditional way. The wooden molds they use have been passed down from generation to generation for 300 years. Visitors can tour the workshops and there is even a special workshop where visitors can paint their own paper - mache doll.

    Takashiba Deko- Yashiki

  • Abukumado Cave


    A natural work of art formed over 80 million years. Abukumado Cave is a 600-meter long limestone cave full of stalactites reaching down from the ceiling and stalagmites rising up from the ground, creating a truly magical world.

    Abukumado Cave

  • Mount Bandai


    An active volcano towering over the north side of Lake Inawashiro, it is one of the most picturesque natural settings in Fukushima Prefecture. It is also well known for outdoor sports such as mountain climbing and snowboarding. The area on the north side of the mountain is called Ura-Bandai (meaning "behind bandai") and is dotted with ponds and lakes of all sizes, including Lake Hibara.

    Mount Bandai